What is a narcissistic injury?

what is narcissistic injury

As insensitive as the abuser is to you, they are sensitive to themselves. Narcissistic injuries are generally caused by stray comments or acts that wouldn’t cause pain to anyone but a narcissist. Narcissistic injuries oftentimes lead to narcissistic rage.

Example: You cooked spaghetti for dinner instead of linguini. Linguini is their favorite! The market was out of spaghetti! You didn’t think it was such a big deal. Wrong.

They have now thrown the bowl of spaghetti at you while screaming rageful words that are beyond imagination because you have caused a narcissistic injury.

The root of this injury wasn’t your choice of pasta. The root of this injury is, in their mind, you don’t love them enough to cook their favorite noodles. You have tricked them.

Their lack of empathy for others is the polar opposite of their empathy or sensitivity towards themselves. The steel casing around their heart and soul is more akin to a smear of butter than metal when it comes to protecting their core sense of shame. Any act or words that pierce the delicate sheath will be swiftly and brutally avenged with rage and/or violence.

They wear a crown of shame atop their throne of entitlement.

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